Venereology. EFFECTIVE TREATMENT OF CHLAMYDIAEffective treatment of chlamydia is a complex therapy and refusal of sex. Treatment needs both partners simultaneously. Otherwise reinfection occur.

Causes and symptoms

Chlamydia — one of the most common STIs on the planet. Carriers of this disease are about 70% of the population. Infection occurs through sexual contact or passing through the birth canal. It is also possible transmission via common household items (towels, linens).

In women, the disease is often asymptomatic, sometimes accompanied by a yellowish discharge and nemastomatidae bleeding. Men complain of itching, burning, pain when urinating and inflammation of the urinary organs.

In some cases, the symptoms disappear after 1-2 weeks. In this case the agent remains on the mucous membrane. In the lowered immunity occurs, a relapse, the disease becomes chronic. For effective treatment of chlamydia at this stage require prolonged intake of drugs (immunomodulators and antibiotics).

Chlamydia — a very dangerous disease. The mucous membrane of the genitourinary tract, it can spread to other parts of the body, and to affect the joints, heart, eyes. The most common complications are inflammation of the genital organs. So, women with STIs often requires treatment of endometritis. cervicitis, salpingitis, men — orchitis, epididymitis and prostatitis. In the absence of effective therapy for these diseases can lead to infertility, erectile dysfunction and problems with child bearing.

Diagnosis and treatment

For timely diagnosis of genital infections should be regularly tested for STIs. For the detection of chlamydia and selection of effective treatment recommended PCR. It allows detection of the pathogen within a few days after infection.

Chlamydia often coexist with other pathogens infections. If PCR will show a positive result, the doctor will refer You for additional tests.

Effective treatment for complicated chlamydia takes place in several stages. First selected drugs, eliminating concomitant STIs. Only after that start to therapy of the underlying disease.

The course takes from 10 days to several months. The terms depend on the severity and stage. Prescribe antibiotics, immuno – therapy and physiotherapy. Sometimes it is recommended to use local antiseptic (candles, baths, instillation). During the course, it is desirable to use probiotics and antifungals.

Control tests are conducted 2-3 months after therapy. The patient is considered healthy after receiving two repeated negative results.

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