10 rules for effective treatment of influenzaAll cases of influenza or a cold one goal — to find an effective and safe method of treatment. Whichever method you ultimately choose homeopathy, recipes of traditional medicine or medications – observance of a few simple and universal rules will make the process of recovery from the flu faster and more efficient.

The treatment of influenza was more effective, in addition to taking modern medications and drugs, which, of course, must be administered only by an experienced physician (and in each case of the disease – its), is to listen to the advice of our wise grandmothers. They know dozens of recipes, time-tested.

5 rules of effective treatment of the flu: from the category of “need”

We will make a reservation in advance – the first thing you need to do as soon as you suspect yourself or your loved ones the flu is to see a professional therapist. And only after doctor will prescribe an adequate treatment, it makes sense to be interested in so-called alternative, “homemade” methods of treatment of the disease. Any advice and recommendations for effective treatment of influenza and colds are reduced, as a rule, to what can and should be done in the period of the disease, and what to do, you should not. Let this principle be violated. So what should you do to recover faster from the flu:

Treatment of the flu will be much more effective if you slightly adjust your diet towards more light and healthy food. And will halve the amount of food eaten. From drinking is to abandon packaged juices and soda, replacing them with fruit drinks and regular filtered water with added lemon juice.

If you will be twice a day for 15-20 minutes to ventilate the room in which the sick, recover faster, and any method of treatment of the flu will be much more effective.

Put in the room where you sleep, the steam humidifier.

Eat small garlic “pills”. But if it gives you a negative reaction (the stomach can get sick, have nausea), then do not torture yourself and just put the chopped onion into slices and garlic bedside. From time to time to keep him fresh, because the medicinal substances contained in onions and garlic, were fading.

And another important rule to improve the effectiveness of treatment of influenza: each degree, which increased your temperature, adds +1 liter of fluid you should drink per day. And drink water or juice should not gulp, and small portions, but constantly.

5 rules of effective treatment of influenza: one of those “impossible”

Now a few words about what not to do if you have no plans to hurt until next spring:

While you have a fever, forget about the hot tub, and especially the bath.

Don’t be so eager to drink alcohol, guided by the fact that the work is not necessary, and the alcohol kills any disease. First, alcohol does kill germs and bacteria, but not viruses. And the flu is a viral disease. Secondly, alcohol weakens the immune system, and it is likely that with a glass in hand you will be sick at times longer than I meant.

Don’t go outside a couple of days, especially if you have a fever, even a small.

Not to shoot down the temperature, if it does not exceed 38 degrees.

And most importantly, what not to do when the flu if you want the treatment was effective is trying to work for hours hanging on the phone and the Internet, nervous and worried. It is scientifically proven that nervousness and emotional experiences contribute to the development of chronic forms of the flu.