Infertility: diagnosis and effective treatment in YekaterinburgThe inability to conceive – infertility – Ekaterinburg diagnoses provided 12 months of sexual activity without contraception. This pathology is primary and secondary.

Causes of infertility

Endometriosis (endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus); hormonal dysfunction that causes problems with ovulation; abnormal development of the uterus, the presence of tumors (cysts); immune conflict; obstruction of the fallopian tubes; genetic disorders; polycystic ovaries. Specific cause is determined by a certain type of diagnosis (immunological tests, genetic studies, x-rays, ultrasound).

Infertility treatment

Determined by the identified cause of the disease. May include the correction of hormonal, pharmacological and/or surgical treatment of endometriosis, anti-inflammatory therapy, restoration of patency of the fallopian tubes. Also, infertility is treated with the use of reproductive technology -intrauterine insemination (entry of semen into the uterus via a catheter), ECO.

The treatment time

Depending on the causes of disease and the method of its removal, the treatment lasts for several months; in some cases, to achieve the result required several years.