Effective treatment for mumps: approaches in the fight against mumpsPig — it’s contagious viral disease . caused by an RNA virus. Most often appears in children of preschool and school age. However, there are situations where mumps affects adults. But it is better when the disease takes place at a younger age, because then her symptoms have a lower degree of severity. Important is to prevent mumps, that’s why prevention is so important. When it comes to infection, the disease must quickly diagnose and apply effective treatment for mumps ?

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The symptoms of mumps (parotitis)

Infection with mumps usually occurs suddenly. Initially asymptomatic mumps, and then gradually may appear flu-like symptoms . i.e., General malaise, chills, increased body temperature, in addition, may have nausea, abdominal pain. However, not every person has the identical symptoms. There are people who have edema of one or two pruchnik salivary glands precedes pain upper respiratory tract.

Swelling can last for weeks and interfere with the intake of food and liquids. Malaise may last during the whole period of the disease. Regardless of the severity of infectious diseases need to quickly and effectively diagnose. This reduces the likelihood of complications, which may have consequences in adulthood.

Treatment mumps (parotitis)

It is always better to prevent than to treat. Therefore, in the immunization schedule includes mandatory vaccination associated vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella at 13-14 months of a child’s life. It is also necessary to repeat the dose at the age of 10. This means the body receives antibodies that protect it from infection by mumps in adulthood, in which this disease may result, for example, to inflammation of the testicles or male infertility .

Standard treatment of infectious diseases, such as mumps, includes a relief of symptoms.

In addition, observance of patients following rules:

avoid physical effort, spend more time in bed;

wrap neck scarf or other material that will cover the affected area and will reduce the inflow of cold air;

eating foods that are not irritating the mucous membranes;

large quantities of fluid;

struggle with fever antipyretic drugs.

The treatment of this disease requires time. Researchers report that the swelling may disappear even after 3 days, and all symptoms of mumps (mumps) after 7 days. However, like any viral disease, mumps must be eliminated by the body. This is important, so after suffering mumps produced a strong immune system, which greatly reduces the chance for disease mumps.