Safe and effective treatment of prostatitisType of product: equipment and accessories

Device “Prostrong-Fathomed”:

relieves pain and inflammation

improves drainage and gland function

it promotes the elimination of urinary disorders

restores sexual activity

reduces the risk of recurrent obostrenii disease

Safe and effective treatment of prostatitis !

Why is it so difficult to cure prostatitis? Why even after treatment and at good tests quite a bit “cold” to all turn to first – the pain, problems with urination and sexual function.

How to treat prostatitis effectively? How to find a cure for prostatitis, which would have a positive effect in the treatment of prostate cancer currently and secured the result for the future?

Unique Russian treatment of prostatitis and sexual dysfunction – physiotherapeutic device “prostrong – fathomed” gives a chance to once and for all get rid of the problems of prostatitis. acting in three directions: treatment, restoration of organ function and normalization of potency.

After the beginning of application significantly weaken or even disappear pain in the prostate, and further its action is directed to the reduction and elimination of stagnation, as a result – the restoration of normal sexual function. Also, the device “prostrong-fathomed” is used to prevent prostate and reduces the risk of recurrent relapses.

Device “prostrong – fathomed” for treatment of prostatitis and sexual dysfunction

Device for the treatment of prostate cancer “prostrong-fathomed” is a tool designed to target effective treatment of prostatitis in the acute and chronic stages, as well as to prevent recurrence of the disease. The use of the device prostrong-fathomed for the treatment of prostate shown with chronic prostatitis in a bacterial and non-bacterial forms, as well as calculous prostatitis and stone formation.

The principle of operation of the device due to the therapeutic properties of the element, which consists of a specially treated paraffin. Processing technology has allowed known to enhance the storage properties of the wax and give it a completely new ability, which is to promote prostate health. Fixed by means of keeping part of the sacrum of the patient, the medical device element “prostrong-fathomed” eliminates congestion, normalizes microcirculation and tissue metabolic processes in the prostate, resulting in a significant improvement in the functional capacity of the prostate.