High-precision diagnosis and effective treatment of breast cancer in the clinics of IsraelEach year breast cancer is diagnosed in approximately 50 000 women. The first reaction to this terrible diagnosis – a sense of helplessness, despair, unwillingness to fight for their health, what is the obstacle in the fight against the disease. The most gentle treatment technologies for breast cancer that are practiced by the Israeli oncologists are techniques that allow in most cases to defeat a dangerous illness. The survival rate for breast cancer is much higher global average. In the early detection of malignancy treatment success is close to 100%.

Modern methods of high-precision diagnostics

To determine types of tumor, stage of disease, genetic predisposition and sensitivity to hormones oncologists Israeli hospitals will perform a comprehensive diagnostic study. It helps to accurately and timely diagnose, prescribe the proper treatment. Full survey takes no more than five days.

Among the main methods of diagnosis of breast cancer:

• high-precision mammography;

• laboratory tests, including General and biochemical blood tests;

• biopsy of the tumor and sentinel lymph node;

• chest x-ray.

According to individual indications can be assigned to MRI, positron emission (two-photon) imaging in conjunction with CT.

Early treatment increases the chances of a full recovery

It is obvious that early treatment increases the chances of full healing. And despite the fact that occasionally have to undergo repeated courses, many women with this diagnosis for decades, living a full life. Thanks to innovative techniques, drugs of the last generation of Israeli specialists are able to slow down the progression of the disease.

Surgery is the main method of treatment of malignant tumors, but in Israeli Oncology trend for organ saving operations. Where possible, increasingly instead of radical mastectomy practiced sparing interventions. Oncologists higher qualification with extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of cancer in Israel. perform operations of any complexity. When you cannot avoid radical surgery, simultaneous breast reconstruction using patient’s own tissue or biocompatible materials.

The disease responds well to chemotherapy, and in the detection of hormone-dependent entities used hormone therapy. Immunotherapy refers to new methods. This method allows you to fight with malignant tumors of the breast at the gene level, to destroy tumors even in advanced stages. The use of combinatorial variants – the opportunity to improve both immediate effectiveness and survival rate of patients without progression.

The main advantage of treatment of breast cancer in Israel – high rates of recovery, which can be achieved only by identifying the disease in the early stages, individually tailored schemes and integrated approach.