Assuta — good and effective treatmentRadiation therapy is considered one of the most gentle and popular ways. Brachytherapy is a type of radiation therapy. It is based on the introduction of radioactive elements in the area of malignancy. Upon contact of these elements with painful tissues of the body is the emission of radiation, which destroys the cancer. Feature of this method is that radiation acts locally on the infected tissue, without any damage to healthy. Another common and non-surgical treatment of cancer is chemotherapy. She is considered the “old” method, but largely improved by now. Like other methods, chemotherapy has a number of features and benefits. The greater effect it brings on early stages of cancer.

Then the experts administered drugs directly into the tumor area, destroying the infected area. Today, the Israel science have evolved a lot, and nanotechnology for the introduction of a sighting of chemotherapy drugs in cancer education. If the patient has advanced disease and metastases, it is recommended chemotherapy whole body. The medication is injected directly into the bloodstream, it is mixed with it and affects not only the tumor but also corrects the activity of the organism as a whole, not allowing the cancer to reappear. For chemotherapy Israeli oncologists use the latest pharmacological developments. These drugs are produced in Israel itself, more effective and have minimal side effects, which facilitates not only the treatment itself, but also the recovery period. A great help in this case is considered and immunotherapy, which significantly increases resistance of the patient not only to cancer but also to other diseases. Assuta hospital invites you to effective and affordable treatment.

Chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and radiotherapy – all of these treatments are considered to be the main, but not only in the medical fight against cancer. They are fairly long and successfully used by doctors, as in the Israeli cancer centers, and around the world. Only because of these treatments, as well as the integrated approach and the application of nanotechnology experts of Israel have managed to cure from this terrible disease for over 80 percent of patients. In the treatment of cancer is important and the rehabilitation period. The goal is not only to restore impaired body functions in the course of the disease and improve the General condition of the patient, but also to prevent the re-emergence of this disease. The rehabilitation period also efficiently and effectively can be obtained in clinics of Israel. This is especially true of patients who had undergone surgery. All Israeli clinics provide professional post-operative care. Starting with a comfortable hospital rooms, technical equipment, and to trained, friendly staff. As restoration tools and procedures used immuno, physio -, and hormone therapy. It is important to note that the language difference does not cause difficulties. The entire staff of the Israeli Oncology center is fluent in Russian and English languages. This factor is important for foreign patients. And perhaps this is one of the main reasons that patients from all over the world prefer Oncology treatment in Israel. Another attractive factor in the choice of Israeli medicine is its favorable tariff policy for foreign patients. She provides great discounts on treatment (15-30% of the total cost) and the lack of a mandatory prepayment for medical services, which is often found in other clinics around the world. Full payment is made after receipt of treatment patients. Israeli clinics also can provide a comfortable flight and the transportation of “difficult” patient to the treatment site.