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Effective treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism implies not only that the patient passed a rehabilitation course, remains sober (this is just the first really effective treatment of drug addiction or alcoholism), but also how a recovering addict or alcoholic will continue to dispose of their sobriety and their lives. Millions of people are treated for alcoholism or drug addiction today. Repeat that it is of paramount importance in any therapy depends upon the fact whether recovering to remain sober after completing the course of therapy. However, in order to find a successful treatment regimen, there must be an understanding that professionals understand the world under the effective treatment of drug addiction . alcoholism or other chemical or any other type of addiction in General.

Effective addiction treatment

Remember that there is no magic formula or universal cure that will work for all addicts. Some people think that they are hopeless if they’re trying to follow what works in the lives of others and they didn’t work. There are many paths to recovery. Ultimately, success depends on finding the right treatment for You. You are unique! In the rehabilitation center for treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism and gambling addiction «we have the solution!» we work with your individual needs, understanding that everyone is different and therefore each requires an individual approach in treatment.

Most often, addicts and alcoholics must go through detoxification under medical supervision before they can safely begin the main course of treatment (rehabilitation hospital). However, some people confuse this short (average from three to ten days) course with the main treatment, believing that the removal of “breaking” or “hangover” — this is important in addiction therapy, but this is not so. Some people just get hung up on periodic detoxication, being sincerely convinced that they should always be able to maintain abstinence from drinking after another “cleansing”, but never succeeding in this.

Below are some important aspects of a successful effective treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism:

1. In the duration of treatment is the difference between success and failure.

Studies show that for most people, significant improvement is achieved in about 3 months. Studies show that treatment can be inpatient, outpatient or a combination of both depending on the needs of the person. Following this, the necessary additional consultations and support groups, which will depend on Your progress in recovery from addiction.

2. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is a multidimensional problem and the treatment programme should take into account all the needs of a person.

Effective treatment must be based not only on the individual features of the use of drugs or alcohol person, but also take into account any associated medical problems, psychological, social, vocational and legal issues.

3. Counseling (individual and / or group) is an important part of effective drug abuse treatment .

Many alcoholics and drug addicts mistakenly believe that if they could just give up eating for a week or two, they will be able to give up eating forever. But this is not so. Addict or alcoholic to stay sober, needs a complete treatment program. Therapy helps addicts to examine their motivation, develop skills to resist drug addiction and alcoholism, to replace the activities associated with drug use, constructive and useful life, and improve their problem solving skills and response to a stressful situation. Therapy can help to restore the correct model of family and social life, to teach people how to live a new.

4. To stay free from drugs and alcohol – that is, the main effect of therapy.

Drugs can be found everywhere, even in the pharmacy. Regardless of how treatment: outpatient, inpatient, or even in prison, drugs are always the most accessible drug. It puts people undergoing treatment under the threat of re-use even during the course of treatment. This also means that each person undergoing treatment must be under the supervision of experts throughout the course of treatment. Only then treatment plans can be modified, in order to increase the chances of sobriety.

5. Alcoholics and drug addicts with mental disorders should receive treatment for both diseases simultaneously.

Alcoholic or addict who also suffers from mental disorders, as they say, is «related» problems. People may use drugs to cope with their mental health problems, or they may have mental health problems because of using drugs. The most effective way of dealing with these «related» violations and to cope with addiction is to treat holistically at the same time.

6. Addiction treatment can work in the lives of even those people who do not elect it on their own.

Treatment may be as effective for people who the court ruled that Sony have been treated, and as for the people who decided on the need for treatment themselves. Families and employers can be very effective to “push” to the treatment of those who have such a desire has not. Sometimes intervention is required, and intervention is most successful when done correctly and with the help of professionals. For more information, contact the rehabilitation centre `out there!` the city of Poltava. We can help You. Don’t give up!

Drug addiction — it is a chronic disease and relapses can occur during or after successful episodes of treatment. Addicted individuals may require prolonged treatment and may have to refer to specialists more than once before they will be able to be in long-term abstinence from eating until full recovery in a drug-free life. The posleterapevtičeskom period is as important as the treatment period. Requires constant introspection and work on yourself in order to stay sober during this period. Failure or relapse — it’s just an indication that more needs to work on his sobriety. Never give up, You can enjoy a healthy happy life! Start working on the program for the effective treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism in rehab `out there!` in the city of Poltava right now!