PROBLEMATIC NAILSIngrown nail is the most effective treatment at home

Self-correction of ingrown nail

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Brittle nails may be due, in addition to age-related changes, exposure to cold, frequent immersion of hands in water, the action of detergents and cleansing and degreasing tools, as well as the frequent use of nail Polish.

Keratin, the main substance of the nail, characterized by a high content of sulfur, which is part of cystine. This amino acid is 12% of the nail and 16-21 % of the hair. However, in diseases and during aging the percentage of cystine falls into the nail to 10 %, respectively reduced the amount of sulfur.

One important consideration in the treatment is to replace the sulfur. Purified sulfur at the tip of the knife is taken orally 3 times a day. Assign vitamins A (concentrate), E, gelatin. It is advisable every night rubbed into the nail plate and the skin around the nail a mixture of vegetable oil with 3% iodine: 50 g butter. 2 drops of iodine.

As a means of making the nails harder and less brittle, very effective formalin.

When brittle and flaking nails need to enter in the diet of gelatinous products — jellied fish, meat, fruit jelly.

It is also useful to RUB into the nails cream containing vitamin A. Well strengthen nails bathing in sea water and even hand bath with sea or regular salt (tablespoon to 1 liter of warm water). Before the bath and after it should be rubbed into the nail plate cream with vitamin A.

If the nails still become brittle and flake, refuse lacquer for 2-3 weeks.

To strengthen brittle nails will help bath of a solution of salt and a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals — iron, phosphorus, calcium.

In addition, three times a day rubbed into the skin greasy nourishing cream and massage from the fingertips towards the wrists.

A week later, the skin will become smooth, soft and elastic, and the nails are regenerated.

Folk remedies

It is recommended to do daily baths for nails from vegetable oil. The oil is slightly warmed, to add a few drops of lemon juice.

After the bath his hands dry with a napkin and in a few hours to try not watering them at all.


The most effective self-correction

If a man wears tight shoes with pointed toe, and his profession is associated with prolonged standing or walking, due to the constant pressure of the edge of the leg on the cushion in skin folds can cause a disease called ingrown toenail . It is characterized by the ingrowth of the nail edge into the soft tissues of the finger.

This is facilitated by the longitudinal and transverse flatfoot with the curvature of the big toe on the outside.

The disease can occur after frostbite injury of finger (including because of mismatched shoes), accompanied by deformation and abnormal growth of the nail plate, or if to cut nails too short, deeply cutting the corners. Sometimes an ingrown toenail is caused by congenital (genetic) characteristics of the direction of its growth.

In the tissues of the tips of the fingers many sensitive nerve endings, and ingrown nails, especially when walking in tight shoes, makes itself felt a sharp pain, sometimes forcing the person to limp.

Vrasta in the surrounding soft tissue, the lateral edge of the nail plate irritate and damage them until the formation of ulcers, accompanied by a proliferation of granulation tissue — the so-called “wild meat”. And this, in turn, increases the pressure of the nail on the fabric.

Permanent inflammatory process leads to the fact that the nail loses its normal Shine, thickens laterally, sometimes peels off. And patients, for example, diabetes or obliterating endarteritis, these phenomena can lead to the development of cellulitis of the foot or gangrene.

The most effective and only way of gradual correction of ingrown nail is accurate cutting along a plane across the middle part of the nail starting from the base, but no “to meat”, and 1/2 to 2/3 of the thickness of the nail.

Control of the cut thickness is carried out visually. As the cutting and thinning of the middle of the nail, it becomes more transparent and more pink in appearance than the rest of the nail through the thin part of the nail more nail bed shines.

Gradually slowly grow together (“stagepas”) to the middle, the nail eventually corrected and ceases to grow at the edges.

Trimming should be done manicure nail file or, especially for the nails of the big toes, the file with a small notch.

If you don’t have a suitable file, trimming can be done with sandpaper, pre-pasted on a wooden block.

Trimming the nail on plane better to do after a bath when the nail is softened.

Given that the growth rate of the nail is about 1 mm in 8-10 days, the procedure must be repeated about 1 every 3-4 weeks, when grows visible along the length nezelena part (it looks more white). Regrown aspirenow part of the middle of the nail to be cut down a little more, and the one above, to cut down slightly – this part of the nail has already refined the previous spilivaya.

When genetically predetermined ingrown toenail, this procedure should be carried out continuously, about once a month with occasional spilivaya ingrown nail will not, at the termination of spiliani may resume in 3-5 months or more.

The function of a file that removes the middle part of the nail, can perform currently popular laser beam, which is basically the equivalent action, although clopotei and more expensive.

Those who have been an integral part of the nail (and this is more determined received from ancestors genetics), it is necessary first of all to abandon the narrow, restrict the foot shoes. Preference should be given to shoes with a wide nose, wiggle your toes.

Buying new shoes, try them standing up, make a few steps. This is necessary because during walking, the foot is extended by 1-1. 2 cm, compared with those. how long she has, when a person sits.

Always observe the hygiene of the feet, to wash them daily with warm water, change of socks & stockings, after hygienic procedures to improve blood circulation is useful to do the rubbing and kneading of fingers and feet in the upward direction.

It is important to trim your nails — not too short and not cutting corners, so that the edge of the nail was almost a straight line and has performed over soft tissue, then the nail will not grow into the skin.

The nail to be clipped with scissors and a penknife, and so that the front edge of the nail was not convex but concave. For this purpose the outer edge, where rooted nail, not cut, but only scraped the top part of the nail plate in the middle, directing the knife from the inside of the nail to the leading edge. At the time of changing the shape of the nail between the nail and the skin lay cotton turunda with any greasy substance.

Raising the tip of a pen knife the angle of the nail, under it lay a blotting paper and then tie a finger, preferably with the ointment Levomekol. “Wild meat” will settle itself.

For sore feet need to do the bath 2-3 times a week. If the tissue around the ingrown nail inflammation – URGENTLY CONTACT your DOCTOR. Also recommended thermal foot bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate (canteen color of jelly), headband of Vishnevsky ointment, streptocidal, syntomycin emulsion or Levamisole.

Under the edge of the nail should be put narrow strips of sterile gauze impregnated with ointment or emulsion.

This reduces the pressure of the nail on the skin, relieves pain, and then subsides and inflammation.

If the ingrown nail is not amenable to conservative treatment, resorting to surgery.

Folk remedies

It happens that the nail, especially on the big toe, grows into the flesh and sharp edges cause severe pain, mainly when the person is in motion.

You should take the leather naplak that is often worn over dressing the wounded finger. To fill naplak to full cow’s butter and daily at bedtime, then wear it on the toe. To do this two or three weeks in a row. The nail will soften the pain would cease.

Once the pain will stop, to be using a pen knife to gently lift the corner of the ingrown nail, placing the nail pieces of gauze or absorbent paper. When you lift the ingrown nail at a considerable distance, bandage the finger.

“Wild meat” will settle down, and the sore spot heal and the pain will stop. To prevent the recurrence of ingrown nail should wear shoes larger and more spacious. Sometimes you have to cut a hole above the thumb in a stocking and Shoe and to put a bare finger out for a while.

If ingrown nails (in initial stage) recommended daily bath of chamomile: 6 tablespoons of flowers pour 2 liters of boiling water, cover the bowl with a lid and infuse for 1 hour.

Strained infusion is heated again and hold it in his hands as the water cools.

For baths recommended and decoction (boil 10 minutes).

Duration of procedure: 15 minutes.

The advice of the great physician of antiquity Avicenna (C. 980-1037)

Of local medicines that aligns the nail, apply lime with arsenic, from which the nail becomes soft and with a knife, it can be given the desired shape. Good tool — gum cypress, which is used as softening the bandage. Effectively and Flaxseed.

To soften the nail and you can use mutton fat, which is tied to the nail for a few days.

If the nail fails to align or cured, it is removed. To do this, take cypress gum and put it into a bandage on the affected nail to soften. After that, stick to the root of the nail with a needle and allowed to flow a large amount of blood. Then on the day you tie it to a nail crushed garlic that change during the day twice. After this procedure, the nail falls off.